1. I Like A Train

From the recording I Like A Train

Just a fun tune co-written with my friend Brooks Williams while attending The Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina.This song took first place at Connecticut's first Annual Podunk Bluegrass Festival Songwriters Contest in 2010.


I like a train, rollin’ along, I like the way she winds and rollsI like her pullin’, tuggin’ howlin’ and a-chuggin’Pullin on down the lineLike a steel guitar, she softly whines she’ll sing her way through the coal black night, she’s gone, baby she’s goneGet on board, take me awayPack my bags, I’m gonna leave todayI’ll feel her pullin’, tuggin’ howlin and a chuggin’Makin’ my way to you , yah to you In my dreams the clickety clackToo late now no turnin’ backI’m gone, baby I’m goneConductor calls, yeah it’s time to goDon’t look back, don’t ya be movin slowI feel her engine burnin’, her wheels start to turnin’Baby, I’m on my way, yah I’m on my wayGonna leave these small town blues behindI’ll be halfway there b‘fore the mornin’ light Bye-bye, baby bye- byeI like a train, yah I like a trainI like a train, Lord knows I like a train