Turning Point

Gail Wade and Turning Point
  Gail Wade and Turning Point
been raising a stir around New England for quite some time now.  Comprised of some of Connecticut’s finest acoustic musicians, they bring an eclectic blend of Americana, Bluegrass and Blues to some of the areas most sought after coffee houses and festivals.
  Performing and touring for the past 20 years, Wade brings her soulfully crafted originals and fresh interpretations of tradition to audiences throughout the
USA, Europe and Ireland

  Multi-instrumentalist, Peggy Ann Harvey, brings an abundance of musical virtuosity to the band’s forefront.  Backing Turning Point with fiddle, saxophone, harmonica and brilliant vocal arrangements, Ms. Harvey’s talent is unmistakable.
  With two solo releases under his belt, Dan Menzone’s banjo playing is inspirational. Over the past 30 years, Dan has developed his own unique banjo style incorporating traditional Scruggs style with the more fluid melodic style. 
“Dan Menzone has the type of talent that one can only achieve from a lifetime love affair with the banjo” –Dan Tyminski.
  An accomplished acoustic bassist, Rob Rainwater is no stranger to virtuosity.  Trained in jazz and the classics, Rob’s diverse musical background enables him to bring just the right amount of soulful energy to Turning Point’s sound. 
  Bringing rock-steady tempo and drive to Turning Point, is veteran mandolin player Tim St.Jean.  Well versed in traditional music, Tim is right at home with the many different musical genres of Turning Point.


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